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The Blog is based on KP Sub and Sub-Sub system. Every Sub are related with Chandra as par Parashari system Friends and Enemy.

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Contact number:-8007210747 A person from small village like kopargaon studies the greatIndian science Astrology. He dedicates his life to find the mapping of astrology to share market. He ...... more

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06/30/2015 Tuesday
Accuracy of Share-astro predication

We are 100% accuret today.

Time       Shareastro     BSE Market

 9.00         27672            27627

15.30        27871            27780

                 +199              +135

See our accuracy.

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What can we do for you?

         We have studied long history of share market (BSE from last 30 years, NSE from last 10 years, DOWJONE from last 80 years) with astrological criteria. Which shows the repetitions of market history, we belive that history repeats but it's require long criteria we mark that history is repeats by certain astrological combination.

         If you will send your all details about your horoscope, then we will guide you about following Questions.
if you purchase our book, we provide our free guidance, how to utilize the book.
1. Share market suitable or not?
2. Which sector is suitable for you?
3. Which Period is suitable?
4. Which days are suitable for purchase?
5. Which days are suitable for sales? 6. Which days is suitable for Intraday marketing?
7. Which days is suitable for sale delivery shares?
8. Which days are suitable for play in put?
9. Which days are suitable for play in F & O?
10. Which period is suitable for hold?
11. Which investment suitable than Share market?
12. Which star is highest suitable for Share market?